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Place to Sleep is a hotel for people who appreciate a good rest even while travelling, at a reasonable price. With us you always pay only for what you need and save your money for what really counts.
Place to Sleep - simple and easy, yet always high quality and clean.

Place to Sleep Hotel Pori

Our Pori hotel is located in the heart of the city on a nice pedestrian street where all the shops, cafes and restaurants are right next to you. The distance to Pori bus station is just 300 m and the train station is less than 1 km away.

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Place to Sleep Hotel Loviisa

Place to Sleep Hotel Loviisa is located right in the heart of the town of Loviisa. Downtown restaurants, shops, cafes and the beautiful old town are within walking distance of the hotel. Place to sleep Hotel Loviisa welcomes you to the beautiful Loviisa.

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Place to Sleep Hotel Rauma

Place to Sleep Hotel Rauma is a great choice for everyone. We have perfect rooms for single travelers, couples and also families and groups. The hotel is newly built in a fabulous old factory building and it is located near the city center and the famous Old Rauma.

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Place to Sleep Hotel Hollola

Place to Sleep Hotel Hollola offers new and fresh accommodation option with high-quality beds and well-equipped rooms in the center of Hollola. The ski and golf center Messilä is only a 7-minute drive away from the hotel.   

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Place to Sleep Hotel Raisio

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Updated 13.9.2018

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